Where are your enclosures located?


I am wondering what the best place for a chameleon's enclosure is- I keep my enclosure in my room, and I am very often inside this room. This means I can keep an eye on her for most of the day, and I don't do a whole lot of moving around this room, but people do walk past her cage a few times every day. Is this healthy for a female veiled subadult? I have towels that I use to cover up her enclosure at night, should I use those during the day too? The trouble is, there aren't really any other good rooms in our house to keep her.
I've always had chameleons in the living room (and currently have one in a guest bedroom/office as well), and they have not been unduly stressed. You don't want people running by and pestering the things all the time, but mine have plenty of hiding places and places where they can get away from humans; more often than not, they sit more or less out in the open.
That seems pretty similar to how I have mine. She has two ficus and plenty of hiding spaces. How often do people walk by your chameleon's enclosure?
I have mine right next to my computer and my chameleon will come all the way over to the left side of his enclosure which is the side that is closest to where I sit. He just watches me on the computer. He could go to the other side and be farther away from me but he chooses not to. He does not seem stressed at all by it. When I turn out the light and the computer is still on then I cover the cage with a large blanket so he has complete darkness to sleep.
Thank you both for your posts, these are really helpful. Carol, is that a panther that you are talking about?
I have most of mine in the computer room and, like Carol's, mine tend to come over and see what I'm doing too. I cover them up if I'm in there after lights out. I have pygs in the kitchen, but in a corner and they don't seem to be bothered by traffic at all anymore. They were wc and used to be terrified of everything. Now they're not concerned when I stare at them. :)

As long as you're not bothering them or knocking into her cage all the time she should be fine in your room. I'm about to move one into my room actually.
we have our 3 biggest boys out in our living room, in a corner....can't say it's entirely secluded...and we have 2 dogs and 2 cats that pretty much roam freely.... but the dogs are crated when we're out and when we're home, i just make sure to intervene if the cats or dogs spend too much time near the cages... of course, the cats are mainly only interested when there are crickets in there hopping around. lol. but they don't have much "access" to the cages anyway, and they are elevated.... the boys stay out and move around quite a bit...even visiting the bottom of the cages hunting for food....

when we got our first veiled, the first day i went to work after getting him, my husband called in a panic because the dog had rammed his head through the cage..... <eek!> but actually since then, we've had no other problems. lol.

our 4 girls and our baby boy are actually all in the "spare" bedroom....and that door is shut all the time unless i'm in and out....i don't let the cats in there cause they can get behind/under furniture and i can't reach them, so i don't want them stuck in there with no litter box when i leave and shut the door! but it doesn't seem to bother them when the dogs come in with me....and they pretty much recognize that i'm the food bringer! lol. :D
Blanket = lack of air?

My panther is in my computer room as well. I study in the same room. I've only had him about a week and at about 3 months old he is still quite scared at times. In general, I don't think my presence stresses him to a dangerous point though.

For those of you who put a blanket/towel over the cage at night, do you leave part of the cage exposed for air flow? That is my only worry with something over the cage.
I only cover two sides of the enclosure with towels. One of the other two sides is faced against the wall, and the other one lets air in. The two towels I have are on the side where faint light comes in, so it's virtually pitch black inside the enclosure.
My chameleons have trees all over my house. :D Their favorite place to be is in the kitchen with me so I make them take turns on that tree.
I have my males next to my computer in the kitchen but my female is in my bedroom. That way when it's time for her to lay she won't be disturbed.
Mine have their 'own' rooms.

Some share them with other reptiles but they are not in a public room.
We have all 5 of our chameleons in our living area. It is normally just us and Spud (our dog) in the room and it's a calm area, until Spud's friends come hang out then they are out of control hahaha. But the chameleons are never stressed out, they have great foliage that has a lot of hiding spots if they want to hide. When we do have company over, they usually give a quick look at each one and that's that. But how could you NOT stop and look at such gorgeous creatures? :D
Up high so that the cham is above my head, that is my main concern.
Limey is in a main room with three huge windows on a tall rolling island. I open the shades all the way during the day. I roll him closest to the brightest window. When the weather's cold, I have large beach towels rolled on the sill and close the shades at night. These windows are old and drafty and too expensive to change.
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