When you already have 2... Why not have 3... Introducing!


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10 points to the youngen with the fantastic memory!!!! You win a chocolate chip cookie OR a brownie, your choice. Pick one and I will eat it for you. :hilarious:
oohh yeaah you said you loved bohoras! they really are cool with their straight white color


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Wow. :eek: Reminds me of...

I'm sure you mentioned earlier... does he have scales on those pink parts or just skin or what? :unsure:
Are they peeling also? :unsure::unsure:
Being shy on pigment, might they also be more sensitive to direct sunlight (i.e. sunburn)? :unsure::unsure::unsure:
LOL that is so funny. He has scales and is peeling those sections too. From what I have read they take the same UVI levels that a regular Veiled would and temps. I would imagine I would need to be more cautious when it comes to taking him out in sun just to be sure the UVI is not too high at that time. But I am not sure on that either. lol


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Bentley's new enclosure Dragon Strand Tall Hybrid with Clear Door panel 2x2x4.


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