When you already have 2... Why not have 3... Introducing!


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Congratulations! He is handsome little man! I am interested to see what he looks like as an adult. He's a very lucky guy to end up with you.
Me too. A friend of mine has a female translucent and she just got so beautiful the older she got... I am really excited to see how he matures. He shows amazing yellows when he gets angry. He did not want the Petco clerk to touch him. Never tried to bite but his colors are totally different when mad compared to Beman and Bane.


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That is awesome. Not a huge fan of translucent but he is beautiful. I wish my parents would let me have another one. I have a veiled but I want a cristifer for sure that would be my next pick. Then I would want a panther because the colors are so stunning and it would be easier in my house to give proper care. I live in Florida.
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