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I've posted a picture I just took of Fractal in my gallery. You may remember that I've been concerned with his inability to shed this time around. He had stopped eating as much, is in a new cage and lacking a good plant. He was eating the spindly pothos that was in there, I've removed it. Now he has an umbrella plant. Look at the state of him will you please, and tell me what you think.
You probably have a humidity issue.

I would make sure he gets pretty wet a couple times a day and then able to fully dry out. (shower might be better than just misting).

I will do this to Manga if he has a shed that lasts more than 24 hours. I especially worry about the tip of the tail, toes and around his rostral prominance so that there is no constriction.

You should at least get a number of live plants in the enclosure and either make your own or buy a misting system so that you don't have to worry about dealing with humidity on a day to day basis (it makes life so much easier.)
So you were not alarmed at the color he is?
Thank you for your suggestions. I have been using (lately) a humidier. I will of course look into a mister now. I will give him a bath today. Thank you.
He does look ticked off...is he staying this color all the time, or are there times when he is normal colors?

Manga during his sheds gets almost black. He'll brighten up when i go to feed him and then back again to black while he's trying to scratch his shed off.
Fractal turns the light green when sleeping and has turned nice colors... but the last two days he's stayed this color. I've showered him twice. First time he seemed to like it. This time he hissed, but I came back around and misted hot water onto him. He is resiliant and beads the water. He was very indigant/teed off that I did that to him against his will. But I will do whatever it takes to get him through this. so yes... the color you saw in yesterday's picture remains unchanged today no matter what I do. His face is lighter though. And he's been reaching his back leg and scratch/pinching at the back of his cone.
He looks very dehydrated

His casque look sunken and so do his eyes. His casque looks a bit thin in the other pic (yelling), too. He looks stressed and pissed in each photo. How old is he now? Your photo says 4 months.

I am also trying to figure out what everything is in his cage? I see the dripper on the closet shelf - do you use it? How else does he get moisture? I agree w/MWheelock that showers will help, but you might want to concentrate on getting his overall cage humidity up a few times a day. You can do it by using a mister or humidifier on a timer as well as several hand mistings. His cage looks a bit sparse, too. You mentioned you got him a schefflera which are usually nice and full, just make sure it has good drainage and does not get soaked regularly or you will lose it.

Do you live in an area where you can set him up outside on warm days? The more humid the better. I live in New England and struggle with humidity issues every year so if you can take him out, do. Be SURE he can get to some shade if he wants and you can hose him down in his cage. Use a nice fine mist setting on a sprayer, then let him soak up some sun. If you can't take him out you can wrap 3/4 of his cage in plastic shower curtains (or other) and cover his cage at night.

What are his temps? What are the lights you are using - both basking? If one is a Mercury Vapor light it is way too close. They should be at least 18" from his basking spot.

I know in a previous thread you mentioned a few things about your setup. but you might want to be more specific on gutload, supplement frequency and brand, BRAND of UVB lights you are using and address some of the things I brought up above.

Well, hope this helps and keep us posted!
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