What's with these homies dissing my girl?


Why do they got-ta front? My beautiful little panther female Tahiri just reached 1, her date of hatch was on the 6th and she is doing great! She got upgraded to a bigger enclosure and now has a proper laying bin in there. I do plan on breeding her with my male, but my question is, is she ever going to be big enough?? She weighs only 76.8 grams and is very tiny, about 5 1/4 inches snout to vent. Should i suspect some growth spurts from her or is she just a small girl? I can't see my male being able to mount her anytime soon for he is so big an her so small!
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Throwin dat bitch in a bigger crib is a good idea.
Give her some more time to grow before letting that male tap that ass.
You feel me?
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thanks guys!
AHAHAHAHA. this is great!

On a side note: is 76 small? I know a lot of breeders wait until the female is either 12 months old, 60 grams, or both and in good health. I've been blessed with itty bitty teeny weeny guys, soo I have no idea what a more normal size is...
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taken today

she looks fatter than she really is, camera hater, puffed up the whole time, she NEVER gets angry at me
She has Nice fat pads. Not too big and not sunken in. Perhaps you can do a fecal to be sure she's the one who is absorbing the nutrition and not icky wormies!
besides her being a slow grower, the possibility of parasites has crossed my mind!! i got her CB from jim at the Chameleon Company so i know she didn't start with any when i got her, but who knows since then?! looks like it is time for a vet visit, i have the name and number of a local vet a forum member suggested who is experienced (i live in New Hampshire!) so i guess it's time to use it!

That being said, just how hard are fecals to do? I have access to a variety of microscopes that i know how to use, i have spent many an hour looking and drawing what i see and identifying it.
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