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I'm looking intensely for a good misting system. I hesitate between a mistking system or an aquazamp system but I dread some extra fees about the customs duties even though I can order a mistking system from an european website.
I also found a misting system from another european website. http://www.kanopeestore.com/76-kit-brumisation-plug-and-play
It looks good but it does not include a diaphragm pump so i'm scared about the noise it could make. Plus, in comparison to MK and AZ systems, which include a system with a diaphragm pump, the price is not less expensive. This website sells diaphragm pump but for $133 USD.....
So I would like you to help me to make the best choice for a good quality misting system for a "good" price.

You always want a self priming membrane pump.

As for AZ or MK, they are about the same, the only major diff is the bucket. MK needs a bucket and AZ comes with a bucket depending on model. Timers on both are just lamp timers you can buy at any garden or hydroponics place. I hear AZ leaks less because the pump is designed for the tubing, VS MK that uses adapters to convert the pump to the right fittings.

The trick for both units is to pull the tubing tight after inserting so the compression fittings lock. If you just shove the tube in and go, well thats the same position as removing the tube too.
I had mistking shipped the cheapest way from Canada to UK. Tax was in the region of £17. Having used most of the misters on UK market, nothing matches mistking. Hope that helps.:)
I have a MK setup at the moment, no Chameleon untill i get back from vacation but i will say it was easy to set up and works well, does not drip at all after misting stops.

You don't need a "bucket" per say, i have the tube it comes with hooked up to a 4L just of distilled water, it comes with a proper seal etc with the MK kit for this.

Anyway, it works well and has been on for days now, i have not had any other system to compare with but the MK setup seems to work very well so far.
I own and highly recommend AZ. The system is amazing, built in the USA and you get wonderful technical support. I have also heard good things about the mistking too.
You can get them On Ebay, the timer the system and parts. Type in mist king, and if you type mistking as one word you'll get joshs frogs stuff.
Two days with the MK system and what a pleasure. Having three cages I have a lot more free time. Well worth the price.
Can i use this reservoir for my misting system or it's better to get a full black one so the water is protected from light ?


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