What lights do I need?


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Hi so i’m starting to set up my vivarium for my new chameleon that i’m mostly likely getting in around a month. I know that i need a basking and UVB light , but i get a bit confused with all the options and opinions. I’m from the UK so ordering off of petsathome or places that deliver to the UK would be good if anyone could give me some advice on with lamps to order, and how many watts the basking one would need to be . I’ll attach a photo of the one i’m thinking about getting , thanks



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You can spend extra for the bulb with the lizard on the box, or you can just get a wide flood halogen from the hardware store. Monitor temps closely if you are going above 45 watt, for hot spots.

For a UVB bulb, since you are in the UK, just get an arcadia 6% T5HO. If you want to grow a lot of plants, you can get either a "dual" T5HO and have 1 UVB and 1 6500k bulb, or just buy some fullspectrum grow leds.
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