Vivarium recommendations in England


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Hi, I’m new to learning about chameleons and have planned to get a male panther chameleon in a few months time, but just wanted advice on which kind of vivarium to get, i’ve read forums saying that if you live in england that glass is probably better with the colder temperatures, and to go for exo terra ones. I wanted to know if it’s worth going for the bundles you see which have everything in the that’s needed or to buy all the parts separately. If you guys have any links or advice that would be much appreciated!
Hello! Unfortunately I am no help to you here as not sure what is available to you. I just wanted to pop in and say welcome :)
Hi @lucyj, I am in Ireland and I use a screen cage with a black shower curtain on the back side. I have no trouble maintaining humidity and temps. Just consider the ambient temperature of where you plan to keep your cham. For example, your sitting room is going to probably stay a lot warmer then your garage.

I suggest not using a bundle and buying items separately. Not only will you only buy what you need but you will learn more about the project along the way and likely end up with higher quality equipment. is a great place to start


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