What kind of chameleon is this?


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What kinda of chameleon is this? Can any one tell how old it is and if it is Male or female?


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I'm no expert, however let's see how good I am in the meantime. :):ROFLMAO:

I would say you have a female panther chamelon on your hands, around 3-6 months old. If you could please fill out the ask for help fourm and post it here that would be great. Also, if you have not already the panther care sheet is an amazing resource to read. ;):)

Since your chameleon is a female you really should incorporate a lay bin into her cage. There are amazing resource on CF as well as multiple experienced members. Good luck, and enjoy!!!!
Below are links to all the things I talked about in this comment. :)


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As stated above, female panther, old enough to lay eggs. She needs a lay bin. Please fill out the ask for help form and read over the care sheet and egg laying article. More pictures of your cham and her enclosure would help, as well. If you don’t mind me asking, how did you come into owning a chameleon without knowing the basics of the species and sex?
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