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I plan on getting a panther chameleon when the reptile show is here in STL on June 11th. I wanted to have plenty of time to set up the cage and have everything ready. I went ahead and ordered the deluxe chameleon package from ReptileDepot. I will upgrade the cage to a 24x24x48 when needed. It comes with this.....

Deluxe Chameleon Package

Aluminum Screen Cage 30x16x16
Island Hood
5.0 UVB Bulb
Basking Lite
Spray Bottle
Ceramic Dome
Live Ficus Tree



Pics of the set up can be seen on the website, under supplies and then "complete packages".

I know the moss isn't needed, but hubby can use that in his snake cage. What else do I need to buy? I know the thermometer it comes with is probably the junky aquarium stick on, and I will be getting a digital thermometer with probe. I'm not too familiar with the vitamins it comes with, whether it comes with D3 or whatnot. Are these vitamins junk? Use them with something else? Use them only? I know the plant it comes with will not be enough for the cham to move around on, so I'll be getting some more branches and such. What else would you recommend to buy before then?
I just noticed in the picture that it comes with a ReptiGlo 5.0. Should I replace this with a ReptiSun 5.0?
Instead of going with another 5.0, if your replacing, go with a 10.0 due to the size of the enclosure. Both brands are good.

Thanks Will. I saw that digitial hydrometer at Petsmart tonight for I think $19, but there wasn't a probe on it. They did have a digital thermometer with a probe. Which would you recommend? The dual or buy both? Where in the cage would you put the hydrometer? Basking area, middle, bottom, etc?
Buy both
Put the probe under the basking spot by securing it to the branch/vine under the heat. Put the Hygrometer on the opposit side of the enclosure in plain view and easily accesible to turn on and off. This will measure the gradient.
I bought a hygrometer thermometer combo with probes from Big Apple.. terrible waste of money. It took me a while to realize how inaccurate it is.

Digital Thermometer-Hygrometer *
In Stock $17.99

Exo-Terra Electrodize 100 ml 100 ml *
In Stock $6.49

Rep-Cal Ultra Fine Reptile Calcium with Vitamin D3 4.1 oz *
In Stock $5.99

Herptivite MultiVitamins, 3.2oz *
In Stock $11.99

Bend-A-Branch, Medium 3/8" x 6' Medium 3/8 in. x 6 ft. *
In Stock $6.99 Quantity 2

Bend-A-Branch, Large 5/8" x 6' Large 5/8 in. x 6 ft. *
In Stock $8.99

This is what I have ready to order from Petsmart. They don't have the digital thermometer with probe on their website, but they do have it in their store for $8. List look good? Would you add anything? If I need more branches, I can buy them local, but I have to spend $50 online to qualify for free shipping. Now, the kit I ordered does come with the Miner-all, but I know nothing about that. I do know that over-supplementing is also bad, so with all this suppliments I'm ordering, what schedule would you follow? Would you rotate, and dust every other day? Include the use of the Miner-all or no?

Sorry for all these questions, but everything I read on the internet is just slightly different with what to have and what to do. I just don't want the cham to suffer because I didn't ask a question.
Supplimentation varies depending on the age of the chameleon. Juveniles will need more for growing, less for adults. Calcium is needed more than vitamins so I do 2 dustings of cal. then 1 of vit. alternating. I wouldn't mix the 2 because they can counteract with each other. Every other feeding is good for young chams. You have to remember that this is my opinion and others may not agree with me. I would recommend getting a second or third opinion if possible. I also recommend picking up a good gutload for the crickets. A couple of good ones are Wild Eye Reptiles gutload or Cricketfood.com gutload. Feed this along with veggies to the crickets. Something else that is good to know, if you plan on putting them outside at all they will produce their own D3. You might want to pick up a calcium without it for those times because you don't want to OD them. I personally would use the one without D3 and occasionally us the one with D3 even when kept inside. D3 can be dangerous. Sticky tongue farms offers no D3 calcium, also jurassical.

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i would go with the repti sun instead of the repti glo......i went to the pet shop yesterday and he recommended the repti glo 5.0 but i really wanted the reptisun,,,anyways i ended up getting the repti glo and then found out last night that the repti glo bulbs are for reptiles that need extra calcium..so more for reptiles that are "sick"...the glos should be on only when the animal needs it..you shouldnt use it as a main supply of light. so now i have to go back and return it...or i might just keep it just in case...you never know !
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