what do you guys do when its hot??


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What up guys,
Its going to be getting hotter up here in new york and don't know what to do. Do I turn on the ac in my room but would my cham get cold? How would I keep her warm with the ac on? What do you guys do?
as indoor temp gets over 85-90 ac might be good, just make sure the basking spot stays warm. if exposed to temps over 90 keep it very well hydrated.
Thanks but, I would like to use my ac lol personally and my cham is in the room how would I keep the ambient up and the basking light up. Would I have to just up the wattage on the bulbs and add more bulbs to keep the temps up? If I can't do it, ill just have to sacrifice comfort for the cham lol.
I run my ac all summer long and the ambient temps in my cages stay at between 72-75. It helps to get a higher watt basking bulb and suspend your basking light fixture 5 or 6 inches above the cage. This keeps the basking spot at the right temps AND helps heat the air in the cage instead of just the one spot. You can add a second basking light at the top too, as long as your temps in the bottom 2/3s or so of the cage stay within the correct limits.
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