What creepy crawley to get next???


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I have a 10-gallon cage and a medium-sized zilla screen cage. I was thinking about getting a cool insect of some kind for the Zilla (praying mantis, walking stick, or anything else that is aboreal (im not picky as long as it's a cool eater)

I was also thinking of getting a Brazilian Black Tarantuala for the 10 Gallon. Help, I need some suggestions!

Things I am into:
any kind of insect that is a carnivore, anything that swims/climbs/burrows (


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I loved my mantids! :D they were so cool. They hunt their prey down, its quite exciting to watch. They eat anything bugwise, so fairly cheap when they reach a good size to tackle the feeders you use for your chams. I had fun catching moths and flies in the garden.

I'm going to try my hand at Giant African Land Snails, got two on order to arrive on Tuesday


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Mantis Place or KenTheBugGuy might both be good places to start your search.
Ken is a site sponsor and has a listing of all sorts of "creepy crawly" critters.
Good Luck


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do you know what the largest mantids to get would be? and where would I get them? Also can I keep multiple ones in one cage or no?
one per enclosure. they are cannibals.
ive heard of maybe 1 or 2 species that will not necessarily kill each other (ghost mantis comes to mind) but id still only keep one per cage. no sense in risking multiple animals being eaten.


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My snails arrived today :D The seller sent me four!! I only asked for two :D
They are a cross between two breeds... i'll start a thread before taking over this one.

I'm not sure what types of mantids are available to you guys over there.
If you want a communial species i would go for Ghosts, they are the type that have the best reputation over here for not eatting each other...and i think they look pretty cool and come in a range of colours from black through to a range of browns, greens and dark reds.

vinny knight cham

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chris and vinny

mantis are cool and are good to watch but the best is a chillin rose tarantula the are gorgeous and smart then catch there prey cool
and they are the softest tarantula eva you can let them walk on your head and they wont do anything hope i helped:D
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