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This is my 18 month old panther cham i was originally told he was a red bar ambilobe when he was a baby but im not so sure and recently he seems to have changed colour to more blue/green and his red bar and spots are less dominant. Could this colour change be due to the time of year are they more vibrant in the summer ?

Any reponses much appreciated
what a idiot i forgot to post the pics


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He looks very healthy.

Does he get natural sunlight at all. Do you have any pics when his fired up?
Not at the moment as its still a bit cold over here and we havent had much good weather but should be hopefully improving over the next month or so i often take him outside in the warmer weather. i have some more pics in my profile you can see how he has changed over the months. Glad he looks healthy he drinks well and is eating well at the moment but has periods where is is fussy.
His caque and rostrals dont look high/pronounced enough for me to think he is an ambanja. It is very possible that blue bars are produced from red bar lines. How big is he? He looks small to me, but my hands are tiny.... soooooooo
When I bred panthers a few years back, I was getting blue and red bar Ambilobe males from the same clutches. So predictions of the bar colors of babies are imprecise at best.

The colors of your male do look more Ambanja to me, but he is still young and not particularly fired up. So, I counsel patience to see what he looks like 6 and 9 months from now. In any case, you have a handsome panther.
Looks like my Ambanja when he was younger. But I have also seen pictures of Nosy be that look like that. With the reds. I dont know. Once he is full grown you will have a better idea.
Thanks for all your replies and hopefully I might be more able to tell in the next 6 to 9 months. he is a smallish Cham I don't think he is going to be large but is helathy alert active drinks well although he has had periods of being fussy with food going off crickets but is eating well at the moment and I'm always trying to introduce new feeders into his diet.
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