welcome Laurie


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Hi everyone,

on sunday Splat knew something was up...
I was PMing alot, and making phone calls.

what I was doing was buying a new female ambilobie from John and Jessica at Chameleon Caretaker.
I got a 4.75 month old girl from Zippy (sire) and Star (dame).
she is 3" STV, and nicely colorfull.

now I didn't want to tell Splat what I was doing but he wouldn't leave me alone.
so I told him I got a girl for him and he was so happy that his blue bars started turning purple....:p

so today I got her.
say hello to Laurie. named after a sweet lady some of us know. ;)

welcome home girl

up ya go

say hello everyone, this is Laurie

look, she is all hugs and kisses

ooooh, is that a male over there daddy?...well yes it is sweetheart.

he looks cute daddy, but I'm gona grow up first before we play together, OK?

I hope you enjoyed.

Harry, Splat, and Laurie


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Congrats on the new addition, she's a beauty. I'm sure she'll bring you much happiness and well Splat is not going to like his long wait for her to grow up;)


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Congrats Harry on your new little girl!!!!!! She's a pretty little thing and Splat is looking more gorgeous than ever! I like her name, too. :D:D:D


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thank you everyone for the kind words...

she ate 3 out of the 4 crickets, and I'm sure she drank.
but unlike Splat she is a shy drinker and eater at least for now.

but she is quite active and that makes me happy.
she only showed dark colors when the kids came over to see her, but now that they are gone she is back to her normal self.
at least she is not too shy around me, besides the eating part.

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LOL, Laurie will chuffed! :)
Congrats on your new Cham Harry , very neat!
Wish I could purchase different species as the fancy took me, My home would be 'little madagascar' by now!


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Damn Harry! now you have me crying again by being so nice as to name that pretty sweet little girl after me. It is easy to see you has only talked to me on the phone, pretty sweet little girl ? You only missed 4 out of 4. lol:D She sure does look good. Your captions on the pictures are great. Thanks for the honor of having her named after me.:D
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