Welcome Cooper (My Baby Parsonii)


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As most of you know I got my new baby veiled Sage last week to help fill the hole in my heart after losing Mufasa in December, Luie in March and Sid just two weeks later in April. Sage will never replace Luie or my panthers but he’s sure helping to keep my mind off it. This morning I received another baby. I now have a tiny baby parsonii thanks to Wayne. Hopefully this baby will help with the loss I still feel for my male parsonii, Padre that passed away back in September. Now I’m going to be really busy between taking care of my old guys, babies and of course taking pictures. Carol, I googled the name and Cooper can go either way (male or female)

Meet Cooper

Cooper’s arrival this morning



He/she was shedding when I opened the bag


Out of that bag and onto the baby free range


Jann, Cooper is just adorable!!!! He will quickly learn how very lucky he is!!!! And be spoiled rotten like the rest!!!!! Congratulations on getting him!!!
Jann, I am very happy for you! (and jealous :D) Can't wait to see Cooper grow :). He/She is already a stunner!!! :cool:
im so excited for you!!! he/she is adorable :) cant wait to watch it grow up :D

i must have missed Sage's homecoming! thats great! :)
Thank you all so much for the warm welcome to Cooper. He/she's so tiny. I weighted Cooper and put him/her on a small free range in Padre's room. Cooper weighed 8.1 grams. That's one gram less than Sage my 7 week old baby veiled. Karen, you will understand this size. :) Cooper ate a few crickets this morning and I just gave the second misting and both times Cooper had a really LONG drink. Here's a few more pictures.



Congrats Jann! He is adorable... I can't wait to watch him grow in the coming years :)

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Jann, I am SO happy for you! Cooper is just the sweetest little thing! Congratulations!

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