Welcome bloodline G Kinyongia multituberculata


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Here is bloodline G. Born just this week. Line H due in the next 30 days.



Wow, by G, do you mean 7th clutch, or do you mean 7th bloodline?

Regardless, congratulations on your work with the multituberculata.
7th bloodline. 8th coming soon. 2 or 3 of the bloodlines are half siblings. All eggs produced from now on will be F2. The fun begins!
Oh man those guys are all eyes! How cute are they!

Your little guys are just so beautiful Thank you for sharing the pictures.
I knew you had a good number of bloodlines of these guys but didn't realize you'd be at 7 already. Way to exemplify that "do the most that you can with one species" saying! Great work, Louis!
Oh yeah. I wish you all could see the smile on my face right now. Thanks for the props!

That's right Kent. All my life my typical collection was like one frog, one Day Gecko, one Jackson's, a monitor lizard and some newts... So I really committed to just one species now and Kinyongia multituberculata is literally the only one that I have. My only temptation right now is PREHENSILE TAILED SKINKS... but I have to see this project through for a few more years.

Thanks y'all!
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