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I just bought this Chameleon .. It was in rough shape .. She was shedding ..and has these weird brown coloured scabby areas on her skin ..she has no energy .. The person that sold it to me gave me some cream named Flamazine .. Try and rub it on once a day .. Seems to be helping a bit .. Anyone have an idea what this is or know how to treat it ?


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I can't say I've seen this before, nor heard of the cream. Perhaps another forum member will chime in.

Welcome to the forums, a speedy recovery to your new family member!


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That does not look good. I have no idea what it is, but someone else might.

DO NOT waste time. Go to the vet ASAP because that looks serious. I don't think a home remedy is gonna help you with that much damaged tissue.

And honestly the tail looks kinda funky too. Poor guy!


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I agree that this needs a vet. I have used Flamazine on a burn and it is excellent for this purpose. It is only available on prescription in UK. Your Cham has some kind of skin condition that needs proper care. Welcome to the forum. Hope you like it here.:)


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It looks as though its legs got caught on smth and she prolly tried so hard to get away she pulled of the skin? It looks rather raw to me. Take her to a vet ASAP and make sure the enclosure has no chance of bacterial or fungal growth that may infact it!
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