WC Import from Kenya! Closing soon!

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We are about to wrap this import up and only have a limited number of pairs of these species still available. If you are considering any of these species, please get in touch with Steve ASAP. Thanks!

We are very excited to once again offer an outstanding import of Chameleons out of Kenya. As you will see below, these are the same, outstanding quality animals that we brought in a few months ago.

Take a look of the species being offered below.

We are expecting these animals to arrive here in the US in Early to Mid October (about 45 days from now).

Trioceros Jacksonii Xantholophus. The same ones that arrived in the last shipment. They are magnificent looking and we expect the quality to be just as great this time around. $150 each

Trioceros Jacksonii Jacksonii. These are of the same type we just brought in that were so popular. This subspecies is not regularly available, so if you are interested, move quickly! $150 each.

Trioceros Hoehnelii. Again, these were very popular when they came in a few months ago. If you are looking to supplement your groups or get into these, let us know!! $150 each.

Only Pairs or extra males available, no extra females are available.

As always, a 50% deposit will hold your order and all prices are plus $60 shipping. Multiple animals can be shipped at that price.

If you are interested or have questions, please contact Steve at 901-550-1723 or email us at
[email protected] with the following information:
Phone number
Fex Ex Hub address if you know it.
Paypal Email if different than above.

The pictures below are of actual animals that we received on the last shipment. This is the high level of quality you can expect!


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