2024 Chameleon Calendar


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It's calendar time! We are now accepting entries for the 2024 chameleon calendar. Last year the community submitted and voted on some beautiful photos and the results were fantastic. We are hoping to create an even better calendar this year and need everyone's help to make that happen.

Entry Deadline: August 23
[email protected]


  1. Only two entries per member.
  2. Anything less than 2300x1800 will not be considered. Larger images preferred.
  3. Landscape orientation. High resolution.
  4. Try to avoid compression artifacts and pixelation.
  5. Minor post processing is allowed if natural look maintained.
  6. All legal terms from the photo contest apply.

General Info
  1. Text will be added to each calendar photo to identify the chameleon species and photographer. Chameleon names can also be added upon request.
  2. To help build a diverse calendar we will continue the process used last year and group entries into multiple categories. This means there will be multiple polls to determine the final content of the calendar. In addition to these categories there will also be a vote for the calendar cover.

The top three entries from the calendar cover vote will receive a free calendar. All proceeds originating from calendar sales will go towards the cost of maintaining Chameleon Forums.

How to Enter
Members must own the full rights to any photo they submit for consideration to the 2024 calendar. Please note the size and resolution requirements above. We are accepting entries both by email and gallery upload. If the file size of your entries are large then we suggest using email. When entering by email you must include your username. Entries submitted by gallery upload will be removed from view after confirmation. If you do not receive an entry confirmation within a few days then please contact us.
gallery: gallery upload
email: [email protected]

For the calendar we want natural looking high quality photos. Entries should be what one would expect from a store bought photo calendar. Veiled and panther chameleons will probably be in the calendar a few times due to their captive populations. Keep in mind the calendar will try to show a variety of species. This means that entries representing more unique species will have a better chance of being included. Photo contest entries from the past year that meet the calendar requirements may also be used. The rules and information listed here may change at any time.
Aww im so sad I was hoping to have pics this year but the deadline is the day I will be getting my boy so I probably won't have any. 😪 I guess I will have a lot to choose from for next year lol
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