Warning signs/gravid female/ HELP PLZ


My veiled is full of eggs. I followed instructions on a egg laying bin. This will be her first time to lay eggs. She seems anxious, roaming full enclosure. Very dark in color. Even spends time in bottom of cage. Don't know why she isn't laying. What warning signs do I look for before I take her to vet? Not sure how long is "normal" for egg laying??? HELP PLEASE,!


Chameleon Queen
If she starts sitting low in the cage, is lethargic, doesn't move around much then she could be heading to eggbinding.
Cover her up and leaved her alone she will lay if undisturbed. My females often wonder at bottom of cage until they relise they have a laying bin in. Mine would stop eating a few days before laying.
Hope she Lays for you
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