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Took my female panther to the vet last week b/c of an eye problem (I have read all the posts on eye issues and it would seem she has one too). Anyway, he gave me some drops for her eyes and said to shower her to loosen stuff... she now has good days and bad days - not a full recovery yet. The vet gave me a liquid form of Vitamin A and said to mix it with water and give her a very small amount once a week until her eyes clear up and then to give it to her once a month -- he said that a vitamin A deficiency can cause eye problems. Anyway, I was looking in my Cham reference book yesterday and it said that Vitamin A can be lethal if not dosed properly or if not given in the proper form. I am now wondering if I should continue the Vitamin A or not. Also, what types of eye creams/ointments/drops has anyone used that have helped the "eyes shut" problem. My vet gave me drops which I find extremely hard to administer b/c she just closes her eyes (that is if they happen to be open) so I dont know if any is going in.The drops I currently have are "Gentamin Sulfate Ophthalmic Solution" -
What kind of eye problem was your chameleon having? Were any blood tests taken? You are correct, both deficiency and excess levels can cause problems (hypo/hyper-vitaminosis A). I'm not going to go against any recommendations your vet made. What are you gutloading your feeders with and are you using any vitamin supplements? There have been some contradictions recently with vitamin A and chameleons. I think the consensus once was that chameleons could convert beta-carotene to vitamin A when their body needed it. Recent studies though seem to show that is wrong (at least with some species).

The question on administering eye drops/ointment is a great one. I don't have experience with that, so hopefully someone else does.

Good luck with your panther; I hope she recovers quickly. Keep us updated :)
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