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So I have to go out of town on an emergency, and since I've actually relocated for a summer internship I've had to find a vet that would watch my little guy. It's in Princeton, WV; a vet called All Creatures, and I have to say WOW they've gone out of their way to help me. I went yesterday to find a suitable place to place the cage and equipment, and they're giving him an entire operating room that they don't use. These people don't even do reptile boarding, but due to extenuating circumstances are being more helpful than I could ever have imagined.

They have requested that I give them a care sheet of course, and I have a basic overview I kept from the breeder I got Proteus from. However, since they are literally going to do any and everything on the care sheet exactly when specified I figured they could actually give more precise care than I could since I'm at work all day. He's been getting the regular feeding of crickets and silks in the morning, along with hand feeding pheonix worms, butters and some times meal worms when I get off. The supplements I have been using are Herptivite Calcium w/ D3 phosphate free, Herptivite Multivitamin, and Dinofuel Raptor Edition. I dust w/ dinofuel just about every feeding, give multivitamin dusting about every other week or at most once a week, and calcium dust about once maybe twice a week. I also gut load with bug burger, that I roll in dinofuel.

With Phoenix worms, mealworms, butterworms, silkworms, and crickets; along with the supplements stated, could y'all help me find the best feeding, supplementing and timed regiment throughout the day to feed my guy. He's a 4 month old ambilobe. He's in a large reptibreeze with a 5.0 tube, along with a regular soft 60W bulb for basking heat. He'll be inside all day while being boarded, and is a change from about the average 3 hrs per day he's used to getting in the evening sun.

They said no matter how strict the regiment is will be no problem for them since of course they're used to it having to administer medicine and what not to all sorts of pets through out the day. So the absolute best timing, feeding, and supplementing regiment is what I'm hoping y'all could help me perfect today before I drop him off around 7 east coast time. Thanks in advance for all y'alls help.

PS: He'll be there from 7PM today Thrusday to about 6PM next Wednesday. So if y'all would like to put it in that kind of timing/ daily format that would be great.
I wanted to see if there is something specific to his species and age? Haven't seen the care sheet on here yet. I'm actually at work and hoping I won't get in too much trouble getting on here for help. I will try to check it out when I have a chance.

Also want to add; he's misted every 2 1/2 hours for two minutes along with a fogger 24/7.
I think your best bet would be to type one up specifically for the way you want *your* guy handled. I work for a dog lodging facility and I always find it easier (and more comforting) when someone leaves us a daily log.
For example:
Lights on at 7am.
Mist cage- aim for branches. 60 seconds @ 10am.
Feed 10 crickets @ 12pm.
Feed 2 hornworms @ 3pm.
Mist cage @ 5pm.
Lights off 7pm.

Just make sure they understand the complexity of getting everything "right"... Especially feedings, mistings, and lights. I'd even put a section at the top really describing each "duty".
For Example:
Chameleons require 12 hours of UVB light, it replicated the sun and aids in digestion. Typically days range from 7am to 7pm.

I'd be as specific as possible! You want only the best for your man!
Also dont forget to add *where* they can buy extra bulbs (just incase) & what types of lamps they are, your regular vet, the vet closest to them, and lots of contact numbers!
That's what I'm shooting for. I'll be honest, I think I've been doing everything right for my guy, but half of this is to get others input as to ways I could improve my routine. Maybe I should get different supplements or different supplement schedule or something else I haven't thought of. This is so far my youngest panther I've had, and I just want to bring him up to the best of my abilities.

The day by day log, is something I was hoping to perfect with everyone here. He's on a timer for lights and has a mister, so I'm thinking really the only thing for them to have to take care of is the supplementation along with feeding and refilling the water reservoirs. I'm not trying to make it difficult on them, but instead trying to make it a relaxing environment for him that will make the transition not so dramatic and hopefully beneficial to him.
I was wondering about that? Wasn't 100%, and it usually will run out of water overnight so I guess that was a good thing.

As far as supplement's; I read on the care sheet there needs to be 3 types of course: calcium w/ d3, calcium w/o d3, and a multivitamin. I have the herptivite calcium w/ d3 no phosphate and their multivitamin, but what exactly is the dinofuel considered? I remember reading that it alone with bug burger could essentially be all that is required, but am not sure. Will the above stated work, and the dinofuel be considered the calcium w/o d3 supplement? A bit confused on how to use properly with those three, especially since he gets about 3 hrs a day of natural light. Not sure how much d3 is really necessary.
dinofuel is gutload stuff. it can be used to supplement with on occasion, but it does not replace calcium without d3.

Unless he gets natural sun ALL DAY everyday, he needs the d3.

the schedule of supplements is as stated in the caresheet.

OR, you can get the repashy all in one calcium plus and use that on every feeding. that's what I do.
The Dinofuel is an organic gutload. You can use it daily with fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seeds. If you are keeping your cham outside frequently, avoid frequent D3 dustings. I basically take it out of the supplement regiment when my chams are getting natural sun daily.
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