very concerned......


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My female veiled cham seemed to have a small trace of blood in her poop:eek: IS THIS AS A DIGESTIVE SICKNESS??? i THOUGHT MAYBE IT COULD BE A FEMALE THING//OR MAYBE SHE JUST TOOK A VERY BIG POOP WITCH SHE DID..i HOPE SHE IS NOT VERY ILL OR IN PAIN. Any feed back or past experinces would be greatly apprciated. I hope that it is no need for alarm..She seems happy..:confused:
I dont have any experience with this.....
Sounds to me like it COULD be an internal parasite. No way to tell for sure without getting some tests done. If you can afford a vet, I'd recommend it. If not, it may be safe just to wait and see. If she keeps eating, drinking, growing like she should....then maybe it was just a fluke of some kind. But if she starts acting wierd, and certainly if it keeps happening, then the vet is vital.
I know this is grose, but could you by any chance take a pic and post it if it happens again?
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