Verns New enclosure! (PICS) Comments welcome!


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Hi, Here is Verns new enclosure! Not sorted the lighting yet but be a while before he moves in! the bottom is a waterproof covered v stand with a drainage system fitted!

There is a real ficus, devils Ivy and weeping fig in the enclosure, its a 100 gallon exo terra. I renforced the cage with plastic trelice and is much stronger than it was as standard, also makes it so easy attaching vines and branches. Yes i have used some cable ties but have made sure there are no sharp bits and smoothed any down.

I know it looks quite dense and crowded but there are plenty of open and hiding places.

what do you guys n girls think?
if you put
your pictures will just show up rather than having to go to the website...
Wow, looks awesome. My better half (not a big Cham fan) would have a heart attack because crickets/roaches, etc could get out (she is even less of an insect fan), but I am otherwise jealous. It sure it a good looking habitat.
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