New Enclosure for my Velid.

I am setting up a new enclosure for my 7.5 month old Veiled. The enclosure is 2x2x4 feet. It will have a heat spot, jungle dawn lamp and a 24 inch 12% USB. Hydration will be via a mist king and a dripper. Lights and Hydration are still to be set up. So far I have a Devils ivy and a spider plant in and have a weeping fig and a Dracaena to transfer from his present home. Once plants are in I will put in more horizontal branches. See picture of setup so far. Any thoughts would be welcome.
Yes a Muji hydroflo. Very pleased with it, I've added some aluminium angle inside drilled at 20mm intervals to help with attaching branches plant pots etc, a little like the dragon ledges,I got the idea from them but my method does not pierce the mesh at all.
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