Veiled Diet Questions


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Can silkworms can be used as a staple diet for a 5-6 month old veiled? If so how much should I give him? I've also read that veiled chameleons eat vegies. Does he need to be fed vegies? Or can he maintain the same level of health on a carnivorous diet (with a good gutload)?
I would add a few crickets and dubia along with the silkworms.

My veileds love fruit and veggies. They eat their plants (leaves and flowers) also.
Oh, of course. I will definitely be varying his diet with crickets, and other worms (I don't have access to roaches). But I just wanted to know if silk worms can fed as their main diet. Which I'm assuming is a "yes" from you.

I will deffinitly offer the little guy various fruits, lettuce(not iceberg), and carrots aswell. Since you're chams love it, I'm sure mine will too.

silkworms are a great feeder but should only be used in addition to other feeders as different insects have different nutrition values. I have also read on here that soft worms (silkies/hornworms) should not be used more than 40% (if memory serves me correct) of the time. if you are interested in starting a dubia roach colony (its quite easy and cheaper in the end) then private message me as I live in Stratford and its fairly close to you.
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