Veiled chameleon stopped eating


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Three days ago I moved my cham to a bigger screen enclosure, now she has stopped eating. She was previously in a fish tank, where she would hunt free range insects, now she just stays in the fake vine plant. Any ideas?
How long was she in the aquarium? Sometimes switching environments can stress an animal to the point of not eating for a while, make sure the humidity and heat levels are optimum and try one of her favourite foods. If she continues not to eat, immediately take her to a veterinarian.
She was in the aquarium for 4 weeks previously. There is no problem with drinking as when i mist her she starts drinking. I have also places a feeding cup for her as she is not coming down from the vine.
It's only been three days...she may still be assessing her new digs and not comfortable enough to explore yet.
Are you only putting feeders in the cup?
Try a silkworm on a branch near the feeder cup. She will find food when she gets hungry enough, but the silkworm may stimulate this sooner.
Once she figures it all out it will be fine.

It took my veiled almost a week to start eating again.

Now the fat bugger is on 4 Locust in a row!

They tend to get " sick" of one food oor prey item after a while. I keep at least 5 different prey items well at hand for situations like that.
My Mellers will stop eating now and again,but I alway's get thek back on track with green grasshoppers, or lighter prey items.
I have a variety of food for her, namely crickets, mealworms and grubs. Silkworms are hard to come by here in South Africa
I place her outside for the day and also mist her 3 times daily. Is there any other way to stimulate her appetite ?
no but in the summer, a lot of time 3 times isn't enough unless they are 3 long times, but I don't know where you live

all my ourdoor chams are on 360 misters that are on 1/8 microtube that splits 3 ways from 1/4 microtube, then my hose comes to a good year splitter with 3 diff valves, I leave them all on, and run 3 seperate 1/4 to (3x) 1/8 and blue 360 degree mister heads. The first month I used this system I unfortunetly used more water than ever at this residence, so I went to home depot and got a hose egg timer so I'll hit the mist for 10 or so minutes multiple times a day, If I wanted it on a timer it could be done, but those flow control timers aren't that great and if I was going out of town, I'd hook my system up to a pump a resovoir of fresh oxygen rich water

so far in my experience, its sometimes wise to make sure all aspect of the chams life are sound, as his slight dehydration(which can happen extremely easy to chams) may be causing probs in his eating game, I've witnessed a lot of these guys stop eating for various reasons, sometimes it seems like they are protesting being captive.
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Finally !! I got her to eat a little. After repeatedly picking up and placing a meal worm on a leaf close to her, she finally ate it. Now the question is "How can I feed her more easily?"

Any suggestions?
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