Veiled chameleon spine issues


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I don’t know what is happening with his back spines but it does not look to good. His spine has been like this for a month now and he did not fall at all to hurt it.

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Burnt them off... Raise your basking until you can place your hand at the screen and hold it there for several minutes without getting burnt

The help form the members mentioned above is still needed, especially the pics of the viv.


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Wandu is a a veiled chameleon he is a male and I think he is about 6 months old and I have had him for 4 months.i don’t handle him to much maybe four times a mont. I feed wandu crickets. I tried feeding him Dubia roaches but he does not eat them. I feed him about 12 crickets in the morning and in the night I coat them with calcium without d3 and sometimes with it. I also let the crickets free so he can hunt them. I gut load them with bok chuy. I mist his cage down two times a day with a mist gun. I always see him drinking. His feces are slimy and brown and his pee is whitish yellow. And he has not been tested for parasites.
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