Veiled Chameleon... Smell?


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I am going to be keeping a veiled cham in my room and I am worried about the smell... Do they smell? I have heard that their waste doesn't smell unless the cham is sick, but I don't know if this is entirely true. I wouldn't think that an animal could have no stench... Answers greatly appreciated!
I have 1 veiled, 2 bearded dragons, a large colony of dubia roaches, a huge colony of superworms, a huge colony of darkling beetles, and 1000 banded crickets in my room and there is no smell... I hope that answers your question. If you keep things clean there should be no smell.
Make sure water in your cage can go into a drainage tray or something. If water puddles in the bottom and mixes with cham poop, the resulting "poop soup" can be quite smelly from what I've heard.
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