Veiled Chameleon randomly closes one eye while basking.

^^^^^^ that one... bulb length is 2inches shorter than the fixture.

With this you want 8-9 inches to the branch... If there are plants they are climbing on to get higher remove them. Too close puts them in over exposure levels.
The correct bulb is ordered! In the near future I'm gonna switch out these fake plants for some real ones. Morty can't wait!

If you have friends or family who have houseplants like pothos, philodendron, etc you could ask for some clippings to get started.
Update: I ended up getting a golden pathos from Lowe’s. I added the new vines in and replaced the old vine with Flukers smooth vines and made sure that he had two seperate basking spots for heat and UVB. The new bulb is coming in tomorrow. Morty also started shedding again today as well.
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