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    Chameleon Info:

    * Your Chameleon - nosy faly, male, he is about a year and a few months. about a year?
    * Handling - A lot now that i think he is blind and been hand feeding and injecting food and water.
    * Feeding - super worms, crickets, carnivore care(provided by vet) a couple a day fruits and vegitables
    * Supplements - Rep cal the pink and blue lable and repti calcium. the recomended ammount.
    * Watering -still boiled water that is bacteria free and been sitting for 28 hours. couple times a day and for 3-4 minutes. i dont see him drinking. he is blind so we give him 2 drops every couple of hours.
    * Fecal Description - poo is normal
    * History - he has had an eye infection and mouth infection. took him to vet but they ripped us off and charged to much and too many times. said they cant do anything and that he can die any day. under our care he has lasted weeks after the vet and is still looking like he is getting slightly better. His colour is stil vibrant and not dark at all.

    Cage Info:

    * Cage Type - screen glass combo and its am exoterra. 32x24x24
    * Lighting - 5.0 uva tube light
    * Temperature - 72.5 Lowest overnight temp? 65 How do you measure these temps?thermometer and hygrometer.
    * Humidity - What are your humidity levels?65 - 100 How are you creating and maintaining these levels? misting and natural heating.
    * Plants - just foliage
    * Placement - right by my computer and elevated over everyones head when we sit down. he is also by a big window to sence day and night but i think he is blind so im not sure he can tell anymore.
    * Location - winnipeg manitoba. canada.

    Current Problem - i think his eye fell out. i noticed something on his eye and it seemed either what ever was stuck in his eye came out or his eye actually came out. i dont know what to do anymore. he is my everything and me and the family are trying everything we can do to keep him alive and get better. here are some pictures of DANTE my chameleon. any help would be greatly appreciated. thank you.
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    Oh my, i'm SO sorry your little guy has to go through this and you as well. I'm sorry i'm of no help but really hope everything comes out ok. It does sort of look like his eye might have fallen out since it looks a lot flatter than the other eye. :( I'm sorry...
  3. ISkylerI

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    thank you . yeah it does but then also his eye has been pretty flat(both) when he had got the infection =[ in his eyes and mouth.
  4. carol5208

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    i don't think I have ever seen a chameleon in this condition. How did he get blind? you say you have a 5.0 uva, do you mean uvb? Chameleons have to have uvb. Also have you ever provided a basking light for him? How long have you had him?. He looks to also possibly have mbd. He does not look as if he can support himself with those limbs.
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  5. carol5208

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    Not to sound cold here, but I think the humane thing to do would be to have your chameleon euthanized after looking at the pictures.
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  6. farrahsc

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    Aww poor little guy. This breaks my heart. He has to be miserable.
  7. lisa h

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    Can I ask how things got so bad so quick? His current photos are a far cry from your avatar pic. I live in Winnipeg too, so I know the exotic vets here aren't really good (ok, they're crappy), but did you get a second opinion from a different vet at another clinic? I didn't notice you asking for help here. I'm just beyond belief that this suddenly came about. Many of us have seen chams in horrific situations at pet store (and some here have posted pictures), but your guy -- well I don't know what to say. He's the worst I've ever seen. Perhaps humane euthanasia is best for him.
  8. carol5208

    carol5208 Chameleon Enthusiast

    Also, how has he been supplemented since you have owned him? You say the recommended amount? By who's recommendation? just trying to figure out how your cham got so seriously ill, either by your husbandry or maybe something else.
  9. Texas Ranger

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    My Treatment

    My panther just got over a bad eye infection as well. I fought with it for 2 months. Yes the vet was a joke. This is what I did and he is all healed up now. Mabey it will help you.
    He does not look good.Have you been giving him showers if not u need to do so to help him get the stuff out of his eyes. just set the water temp like you would to give a baby a bath point the shower head at the shower wall and let the splash hit him. put him on a piece of drift wood so he doesnt have to stand on the shower floor and let him wash his eyes out for about 20 min. This needs to be done EVERY DAY! get some q tips and plain eye wash not the kind you use for contacts. and take the wet q tip and very carefully go left to right helping him to get the stuff out of his eye and take the eye wash and spray it at his eye u should see his eye swell a little with the eye wash then he will flush it out you got to keep the eye clean. I noticed you said 5.0 tube light but he also needs a basking area with a basking light like a zoo med daylight blue bulb 60 watt at least. For the treatment time you can move up to a 75 or even a 100watt bulb. Then after going to the vet and them giving me the wrong med or the med I didnt want. I found Vetericyn Animal Ophthalmic Gel at a local feed store. I put it in his eye while he was in the shower. Its a gel for so it stays in while he is cleaning his eye in the water. This needs to be done daily. Then I would recommend getting a hold of Baytril. In the states you have to have a prescription for this but you may be able to get some outside of the vet. It is a oral antibiotic. I injected the insects with it then feed them to the chameleon. This was a long process but my chameleon was worth it. You just have to deside is your chameleon still happy and not suffering. If so then start this treatment now. And this is just what worked for me. It may or may not help you.

    Best of luck
    Feel free to ask me any questions, I will try to answer to the best of my abillity. Here is a before and after picture of my chameleon with his eye infection. I also found that crust stuff in the cage when the infection was going.
  10. sandrachameleon

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    Your chameleon does look very unwell. Dehydrated at least
    The pictures look like a sperm plug, not an eyeball.
    carnivore care is not a good plan for an insect eating lizard
    How much of each supplement do you use? the pink label repcal is the one with D3, and shouldnt be used often. Im not familiar with reptical - is that plain phos free calicum?
    what do you gutload with?
    what are you treating the eye infection with?
  11. ISkylerI

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    well yeah uvb and im not sure how he got so bad. that avatar picture was the one one from when he was a baby. and i took him to a couple vets and spent over $1000. he is puling through and im starting to see his actual eye now after that stuff came out. i see movement and he actually reacts now to things that are close to his face. i do have a basking lamp and the temps there are in the 80's. and colours are bright so he is not that stressed. but i got a few opinions and the vet didnt know what was wrong and wanted over 250 just to sent out tests to find out but said it wasnt worth it since he would die right away. and all the care we put for him after the vet seems to make him get better, we take care of him really well so i have no idea how this could have happened. and we love him. all of us. even my dad who hates reptiles have an attachment to him.
  12. ISkylerI

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    we have various meds for his eye that we use for a q-tip and i use the suplement calander thats on the website i got him from.

    and been following this

  13. panther67

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    I agree with TR you need to get him in the shower he looks really dehydrated... His casque is really sunk in and it will help him get the stuff out of his eyes. Try to contact the breeder and see if you can get some help ASAP.. Godd luck and let us know.
  14. ISkylerI

    ISkylerI New Member

    wow thank you some actual help and advice. yes we been doing everything listed so far but not the showers so we will start that out very quickly. we had some antibiotics but they ran out so we to get more. we could get more from our doctor but he is away on vacation till after x-mas so we kinda need to wait it out. we havent injected the insects but we had supplies from the vet where we would inject food with anitbiotics into his mouth. he is starting to actually eat bugs now without it being injected into his mouth and we saw him go and drink water now too without tubing it down his mouth. the vet said theres nothing that can be done and he will die any day and offered to keep him there till he dies for 90 dollars a day and we said no. the vet did not seem to know much what she was talking about so in our care he has at least gotton a little better and is starting to get better. im just afraid it doesnt end up being the get better then die for some unexplainable reason scenario.
  15. summoner12

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    What kind of 5.0 lamp are you using? what brand is it?
  16. ISkylerI

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    we tried contacting the breeder and she told us to stop getting him antibiotics and that he may not be able to handle it. and to clean is eyes with saliene solution witch we have been doing. we as a family been trying all that we can do to save him.
  17. ISkylerI

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    reptiglo 5.0 and basking lamp is 100 watt blue basking bulb

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