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Hey guys,
So i have a male Jackson that is a little over a year old now. He is very happy and usually s very light, bright lime green. I checked on him about an hour ago and everything was normal. I just recently checked on him and noticed around his right eye his skin had turned an orangey red. It is only in a very small area and isn't really a 'solid' color like the rest of him or when he changes. I have never seen a red Jacksons chameleon before. Do any of you know what this could mean. I have been a little over-sensitive about my baby recently after seeing a more-than-half-dead paralyzed dehydrated stiff veiled in a pet store a few days ago :*(.

Please give me any info possible. Thanks!!


Ummm... Ok. Btw: my camera is SO crappy and the red is very hard to spot so i doubt anyone will be able to see it...sorry :(

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You should try anyhow.

Most jackson show some redish tones when young, not after they are adult and green.

Is the eye swollen at all?

If the turret around the eye has started to swell, it may start showing red.

This could mean that the animal has an infection.


Thanks for the help :). No, his eye isnt swollen, and he seems absolutely normal. I think hes alright. It seems like he can just change red if he wants. He chanhed back to full green so im not going to worry about.

But thanks anyway!!
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