UNderground Reptiles


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Harry II came from lll after Harry I died from backwater reptiles... They even sent pics because i wanted a male.


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Any body offering large varieties like that are going to be so so at best. It is just too difficult to provide for that many species cost effectively.

At the same time I understand when it is the only place you are finding something. I know we push captive bread but we also know sometimes it is not a viable option.

Search for breeders if you can, but if it is something hard to find, just know what you are buying and be willing to accept the risks.


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What people fail to remember is what their business is. They mostly deal with imports or buying wholesale from breeders that want to get rid of whole clutches quickly.

When dealing with WC, they want to get them out as soon as possible- giving them a return on their money as soon as possible. The longer they keep them, the less profit they’re bringing in.

In regards to the thread referenced earlier in this thread- I am NOT saying that is that person’s fault the animal died. However, to completely blame Underground Reptiles is ludicrous. There were things that could have been done on both sides to prevent it

You (anyone) can be very successful with animals coming from Underground Reptiles, but you can also have some difficulties.

Of course, the suggestion here would be to avoid unless they have something that you just cannot pass up and to find a breeder that has the species you’re looking for.

This is all just my 2 cents, and I’m sure many are going to get heated over my response.
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