Two Headed Snake!!


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With a $50,000 price tag! Are they out of their minds??? I saw this snake today at Ben Siegel Reptiles where I get my feeders. The guy there said the owner orignally had it priced for $25,000 and someone came in with a check to buy. He then decided that was too easy and thought he could get much more. So this oddity is for sale for 50g's!!


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I thought alot of two headed snakes died at a young age. Seems silly to buy something like that if that is true. Cool find though
I believe that's the same one they had at the Daytona Show last year.

It probably is, cause I am sure there are not too many two headed snakes around! It is really pretty, but the price is ridiculous!!! I have been to Ben Siegels so many times, but had never seen it there before.
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