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Sorry, I messed this post up...trying to figure out where and how to do my pics so I can provide links to view them as they are much better witht heir high dpi..sorry! Tara
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Click on the "New Reply" button. Then there should be a screen that says "Reply to Topic". There is a little paperclip icon. Click on that and it opens a new page. Click "Browse", find the picture you want on your computer then click "upload". :)

Hope that helps!

EDIT: You may have to host the pictures somewhere else if their big. Try or
yes! I will try that

Thanks! I'm new to the whole pictures thing. Putting them online anyways. Will it even upload really high resolution pics? Will it just upload them but at a lower resolution? Sorry I'm just a bag load of questions. I'm upset now because as excited as I am about my new babies I fear I was sent 2 females instead of 1 of each sex.
Thank you so much!

It took me a few minutes to figure it out, but it worked and they uploaded fast. Ok, the first pic is of them checking each other out. Then the first 2 feet are of one and the second 2 are of the other...I think. LOL
I haven't namedd them yet because I need to know sex first. Like I said one is supposed to be male and one female...but I don't see the spurs..what do you think? Tara


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they are both girls and they look nice. not trying to be mean but if i were you i would increase they humidity in there cage the one looks a little dehydrated. a couple soak down a day will help that
I will do that

Oh no...That's what I thought. I love them both but I was guaranteed a male and female.
By soak down you mean spritzing them with the spray bottle? I ask because they seem not to like this. I do use hot water so it's warm when it gets on them. Should I spritz them even if they seem to want to get away from it? Tara
Try just spraying the cage completely. Kinda like make it so water is dripping of the leaves, branches etc etc. But don't directly spray them, spray around them.
both girls...

If you were promised a pair (and bought from a reputable breeder) you should tell them and either switch one or see if they will refund part of your $$. Just a thought.

They do look dehydrated. babies can heat up and dry out a lot easier than adults so you should up the humidity. When you spritz use hot water as it will cool when it hits the air and will be a lot more comfy for them. I find misting from above so it gently lands on them (more like in nature) is a good way to do it.

I may have asked this before - how old are they>

Btw, females do develop infertile clutches of eggs so be aware of that. They can begin as early as 6 months. Best not to overfeed once they are adult to lessen the frequency and size of clutches. But you still have a few months to go ;)
good, that's what I was doing

I'm glad to know I am doing it right. I have been using hot water and spritzing from above just like you said. The water on the leaves and branches dries so fast though. My new vines are due here tomorrow, so that's when I will redo the setup. I also ordered a hubba mist that I can set to go off often...this is just temporary, unless it works for me. Since mine are in a very large aquarium I'm now worried about water accumulating on the bottom (I'm removing the carpet and putting down fake ivy clusters).
I was advised against the hubba mist, but I'm afraid to use a drip system. First I tried a large cup, but the water from the pin hole comes out to fast.
I'm taking your advice and uping the misting since they look dehydrated. They have been eating, but I have not seen them drink. I put a feeder cup hung from a vine in today, but I didn't see them eat from it.
I'm not sure about age. I sent an email inquiring about definate age, but have not heard back yet. I measured them and one is 2 and 3/4 in. from snout to vent - 5 and 3/4 in.from snout to tail.
The other is 2 and 1/2 in. from snout to vent and 5 and 1/2 in. from snout to tail. Does size determine age well. I was given an estimate in the forums of 3-4 months.
I'm glad you mentioned how early they clutch. I did know about infertile eggs, but I ddi not know it could start that early.
I have to say that except for the sex mixup my purchase with ReptileCity has been good. And they have responded to my email about the mixup. He is willing to accept the cham back and refund my money. When I emailed what I really want is to exchange for a male...he said he would try to locate one. What would you do? I hate to put the cham through being shipped back, but I really want a male. I guess if I had to chose it would be the one that seems scared of everything. It makes me sad though.
Thanks for your help. Tara
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