Trioceros hoehnelii

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Eddie3187, Dec 2, 2018.

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    Does anyone have any info on helmeted or high casque chameleons? I have a male and female both have their own enclosures but I have read they are Not territorial like other species. Both of mine are wild caught and imported as adults. I’m unsure if my female is gravid, when I bought her the breeder I got her from said he didn’t know how many are gravid. I guess they all got shipped to him packaged together. Any information on them would be great. Not a lot of information or any care shoots online that I could find
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    I keep and breed hoehneli, they are a wonderful species. If you PM me we can exchange phone numbers and talk.
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    @bobcochran I sent you a pm but I’m not sure if they are going through or not. I’m still a new member and trying to figure this site out. But if you could give me any kind of information on them that would be great. I’m having a hard time finding a care sheet and the store I bought them from doesn’t have a lot of info on them and they have a ton of them in stock.
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    Bob will give you solid information.


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