Trioceros hoehnelii - keeping females together + photos of my male


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I would like to ask wheter it is possible to keep two females together. I’m about to order new terrarium for the females and I would really love to play with plants in slightly bigger inclosure. The terrarium would be 60x40x70 cm (23x16x27 inch). If it is not possible to keep them together, I would have to half the terrarium. I’ve read mixed opinions about this on the internet. I’m adding photo of my small male and his bio-active terrarium :)). He is in 40x40x70 cm (16x16x27 inch)


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I would say that size is way too small for any Triceros. Adults should be in 18x18x36 (in inches) enclosures per animal. I've spent a long time trying to figure out how to keep females together of Jackson's and unless the enclosure is a large greenhouse with multiple trees that are at least 20/25 feet apart, the females won't make it long-term due to stress.
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