Too many sick chams!

lets see some healthy animals and hear some success stories this stuff is getting overwhelming.

I'll start you guys join in PLEASE!

Zerah will confirm I'm sure... It's not the camera, it's how you use it.

But having sweet gear doesn't hurt.

I used a Nikon D50 w/ 18-55mm F3.5
And a little creative lens modding for the bottom two photos.
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Will is spot on as usual, the camera does not a photog make. Flash is of the devil, well on body flash anyway, remotes and a nice big soft box are a whole different game.

For illustration the first parsonii shot in this thread was taken with a common 3.2 mega pixel P&S, handheld. I just backed out to manual and set the focal length and aperture and whala a usable photo emerges, LOL.
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Chris Anderson

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I've not had much chance to play with my camera recently but here are a couple pics I took a couple days ago which some of you will have already seen:



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dile up hell!!! haha

Great pics everyone mabey this year i can splurge on a real camra.

some of my bums



Female dare giving me the most evil eye iv ever seen

my old fart

male dare king of his cage

Peanut my sexy male carpet who is waiting for his new girl to grow up for some fun!

new female carpet for peanut

female delipis who came to me with her back half scarped right off from what looked like agressive matings, she laid some eggs for me after being here for awhile and although i doubt her skin-pattern will ever look good she has her skin back and is a sweety even though she is pissy in this pic.

her mabey one day mate (quite agressive dude)

female meru jax prego its been 2-3 months since mating she is fattening up fast.

her man

my keeper from a clutch

Gidget - a 3 legged female i couldent refuse bad pic she was sleeping couldent get and ok shot


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awsome pics guys!!

these pics made my day.Man they are beautiful are some older pics havent taken to many lately.Some of you might have seen them before.The female vieled in the 2nd pic was my first cham and she just recently passed she was 3.5 yrs old.:(



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hey will

The male vieled was from tyler.I am hard pressed to remember the sire and at this time of night I dont really feel like going through my computer to find out.he was about 1 yr old in that pic.He loves being outside.Brings out the vieled in him( note the gloves I am wearing),lol.Thanks for the compliments


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Acually my aunt that lives near chicago came down and took both the male veiled pics as well as the pic of my panther.She has started out her own digi photo biz.She was excited to shoot my chams.I myself am using a nikon 3.2 and make some decent pics .As you guys said before its not necessarily the camera its how you use it.


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Got to say chameleon 76 I am jealous. That is one awesome looking veiled. The father of my veiled looked similar to yours. So far mine is nothing like him.


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its just like the news around here most of the time. Only the bad gets talked about. Only problems are interesting.

Wow thats an awsome vailed! Breed him now!


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Nice Pics!

I didn't call it a "high yellow" for nothing! I think I know exactly which pairing he came from.... I'll look it up tonight and post parent pics. I have a brother to him here from the same clutch.
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