Too many animals!!!


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4 veiled chameleons
4 jacksons selling one so i can have 1.2
3 b.vegan s-lings
5 leopard geckos selling
1 gargoyle gecko selling
1 ball python selling
2 cats one is special needs
2 oscars
too many bettas
55 gallon comunity tank
25 gallon arowana grow out tank
just a small list lol
sellin most my reptiles to help fund my cham expansion.
YE YE! Shout out to the Oscarz! i have 2 in my 100gal tank, and i LUUUVE them! ... they ate 2 of the 3 crayfish i introduced into the tank last week x_x


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And 4 horse stalls that I'd love to fill (had horses when I was young).
They're very addictive aren't they!! I started riding when i was 3 ( MANY years ago!!! :eek: ) Always wanted my own pony but parents wouldn't let me.
Ended up riding race-horses for a few top trainers then finally bought my first horse 4 years ago - i've now got 7 with another on the way!!!
I'm now breeding, dealing, breaking and rehabilitating - only in my spare time though, hoping to make it my full time job soon :D

YE YE! Shout out to the Oscarz! i have 2 in my 100gal tank, and i LUUUVE them! ... they ate 2 of the 3 crayfish i introduced into the tank last week x_x
Oscars are cool!! i had 2 tigers - VERY greedy when they grow up lol, anything that fits in their mouth gets eaten - anything else.........they try anyway hehe :D


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I have lots too:

- Black Holland Lop Rabbit
- Quaker Parrot
- Pearlie Cockatiel
- Two Chocolate Labs
- Siamese Cat
- Flap-neck Chameleon
- African Clawed Frog
- Betta
- 55 gallon community tank
- Buckskin (horse)
- Tennessee Walker (horse)

...I think that's all of them...:rolleyes:

Brad Ramsey

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Just so you know who I live with:
1 greyhound
1 Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier
2 cats
2 bullfrogs (in the garden)
1 Western Toad (" ")
? Pond fish / for sure 4 comets maybe 6 rosy reds tons of Gamboozys (" ")
1 boxturtle (" ")
1 betta
1 Kitty :)



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hey kazza wat size of tank do you got your piranhas in , me and my buddy have them in a 65 gallon tank and its like we gave them there own lil teritory they chase each other and we have black sand in the bottom so when they go crazy theres all this sand wooshing in there, makes it look like the wind is blowing, i gota get a video of them cause you will think these guys are the black diamonds and i hear yea over here there nearly impossible to find but when you do you will pay an arm and leg for it


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Hi Boothy,

It's an 80 gallon tank, only got 6 now and they're about 7" and a 17" plec who bosses them around lol.

I heard that black diamonds had to be kept on their own as they're one of the most vicious species? Again, pet-store info so probably complete bull lol.

I phoned around all stores within about 100 mile radius and they all said they either don't import them or have stopped importing them.
I managed to find one on a classified ad site and it was rediculous money so i decided to get red-bellies instead.

I used to spend a lot of money on marine fish and corals but never expected piranha to be in the same price range!! :eek:
My List:

2 Veiled Chameleons (Male and Female)
3 Leopard Geckos
5 Bearded Dragon
3 Corn Snakes
1 Uromastyx
1 Jungle Carpet Python
2 Emperor Scorpions
1 Green Ameiva
And one crazy toddler ^_^

The reptile expo is next month here, so I have a feeling that list is going to grow a fair amount. Hopefully two panther Chams will accompany me home.



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okay....thought i'd add to the Here's my list:

3 fat cats
1 fat guinea pig
1 panther cham
1 fat bearded dragon
3 green tree frogs
1 30gal fresh water tank with about 8 fish
1 55 gal planted (CO2) tank with about 8 - 10 fish and shrimps
and last but not least
1 180gal saltwater tank

lol....i got a zoo! only thing missing is a dog


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This is great animals are the best my list goes as follow

1.0 veiled chameleon
2.4 bahaman anoles
0.0.1 golden tegu
0.0.1 beardie
0.0.1 green iguana
0.1 whites tree frog
1.0 paddle tail newt
0.0.6 neon tetras
1.2 bettas
1.1 dwarf guarami
1.1 giant danio
0.0.4 zebra danios
1.0 pig-bull puppy

and on the way are :
0.0.1 sulcatta tortoise
1.2 mali uro
0.0.2 leopard geckos
0.0.2 golden geckos
0.0.1 tokay gecko
0.0.1 pac man frog
0.0.1 ball python
0.0.1 corn or king snake
a few baby anoles when they hatch
and a few more that i just dont know about yet lol


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Some of you have many pets, and alot of them sound great to have. I personally have

2 dogs 1(pit bull) 1(dauchound terrier mix)
2 rats
1 cat (Persian)
2 birds (Parakeets)
2 fish tanks 1(60gal) 1(30gal) aobut to add a third (125gal)
2 bettas
1 chameleon


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After 2 months of cutting back all I have left is:

0.1 C. rudis
1.3 R. Brevicaudatus
1.2 +2 eggs R. Temporalis
0.1 Thecadactylus (up for sale)
2.0 crested (sold)
3.4 cresteds breeders
1.1 Cyrtodactylus Puchellus (for Sale)
1.0 Uroplatus Phantasticus (sold)
1.0 Phelsuma Quads
1.0 Ph. Dubia (for Sale)
1.1 Ph. Laticauda Laticauda
0.1 Ph. Lineata lineata (for Sale)
2.0 Fire Belly toads (trying to give away)
0.0.1 Random Small gecko

1.0 Golden mantella
0.1 Cayo de aqua pumilio (sold)

This is down from around 60 animals, and more going out the door, my room is a JUNGLE

The ones that say sold are sold just awaiting being shipped out, If you see anything you would like to trade for or buy pleased contact me.


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Oh cool, I wanna play!

1 year old boxer pup
1.1.10 Chamaeleo jacksonii jacksonii
1.1.1 auratus dart frogs + tadpoles
1.2(?) youngish California desert tortoises
1.1 Aru green tree pythons
26 gallon reef aquarium

All in my little house :confused:


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i have 9 cats
2 dogs a st. bernard and a black lab
1 rabbit
8 aquatic turtles 7 of them differents species
2 box turtles a 3 toe and a eastern
a 20 gal comunity tank
1 flap necked cameleon
and 1 jack dempsy chicilid


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Well lets see:
1 32" Clown Knife
1 Cat
5 Dogs
5 Tiger Tree Frogs
40+ Dart Frogs
1 Grandma
1 Son
1 Husband
and soon 1 Ambilobe Cham.

Gotta love animals.


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My zoo

Ari, Great Dane (rescue) about 8-9 years old (trained therapy dog)
Lucky, Dalmatian (12 years old)
Flower, mini lop bunny (3 years)
Scooter, Africian Grey Parrot (rescue) 12 years old and talking....
Dipped in Butter, baby veiled cham.

Teenage daughter.....


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Holy snikers...look at all these pets...and I thought I was nuts? Look at you guys!:p

I grew up on a dairy farm and showed cattle and later horses competitively, so I was restricted as per animals in the house!

Since I'm 28 and now own my own's my list!

African cichlids & discus growing out my ying yang...2 6 footers, 1 5 footer, 3 4 footers, and multiple grow out and fry tanks

Dalmatian (adopted from SPCA) and Jack Russell Terrier ( I breed her, but am also a rescue volunteer foster mom)
Cole & Peanut

My new baby and rodeo talent, Tango (4 year old registered Quarter Horse)

My baby Steeler, R.I.P.

And how can you forget good old Marbles...rescued him from a barn when a cow squashed his mom at 4 weeks old!

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