Too many animals!!!


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Sounds like you guys have got some fantastic reptiles.

Unfortunately due to my parents not liking them i'm only just getting into the reptile scene.

Shiver is the latest addition to my ever-growing mad-house lol.

I've currently got 2 dogs, a wolf hybrid and a GSD mix - soon to be getting another wolf hybrid.
6 horses, 3 for sale and 3 that i'm keeping forever - one of them is due to foal in 2 months.
And finally, 6 red-bellied piranha.

I haven't really got any unusual pets ( unless you count my nutty Arabian horse, Star!! ) :D
Personally, Ihave:
-2 Kittens
-55 gal. Reef Tank
-leopard gecko
-Ambanja Cham.

Not much, but it keeps me buisy. And the kittens manage to get into everything, and terrorize the rest of the house.
Never had cats but i've got a few friends with them, kittens ended up hiding in their christmas tree lol.

I used to have a 900ltr ( 180 gallon? ) reef tank, a 400ltr ( 80 gallon? ) brackish tank with Malawi and Tanganykan Cichlids and another 400ltr with 15 Discus.
Only got the piranha now because of having sooooo many horses lol, no time for anything else now.

I have another friend with a leopard gecko, he's ace :)
ive got a kitten well shes 9 months she's now classed as a young cat.i also got 2 grey ratsnakes,caine toad,veiled chameleon,water dragons,leopard gecko's and 2 cornsnakes.
4 veiled chameleons
4 jacksons selling one so i can have 1.2
3 b.vegan s-lings
5 leopard geckos selling
1 gargoyle gecko selling
1 ball python selling
2 cats one is special needs
2 oscars
too many bettas
55 gallon comunity tank
25 gallon arowana grow out tank
just a small list lol
sellin most my reptiles to help fund my cham expansion.
Here's some pictures of my other critters......

This is Max, my wolf hybrid.....


This is Kidda, my GSD mix.......


This is Tia, my Gelderlander......


This is Star, my Arabian.......


This is Misty, my Welsh Section B ( due to foal in 2 months ).....


Sorry, 2 of the pics wouldn't reduce in size for some reason.

I have 3 other horses and ponies too but they're for sale.
And piranha won't keep still for the camera lol.
I'm VERY happy with them, they mean the world to me - all of my animals come first ( hard work when you have this many lol )

I've now sold 2 of the other horses, just a pony left to sell.

I did buy Misty to sell but her temperament is far too good, i bought her 2 months ago as a feral and she's REALLY bonded with me ( looks to me for protection ) and i'd be devestated if i sold her now.
Her foal is due in 2 months, that's going to be sold.
We're thinking of keeping Misty as a brood mare :)
I need a farm too! My husband's fault!

Well if I were to be completely honest I get upset but continue to enable him. He's like the spoiled child I give in to. But whoooo takes the most care of them???? Whoooo researches???? Me!!!! I need counseling! Okay here goes....We have a toy poodle, a yorkie 2 4ft(?) iguanas, a bearded dragon, box turtle, red ear turtle, 2 hedgehogs, 2 sugargliders, 2 Macaws, a cockatiel, a pacman frog, 2 scorpions, 3 tarantulas, a boa, grass snake and a Senegal chameleon. Eeks that just freaked me out listing them. Do the fish count? Salt tank and koi. Your horses are beautiful!
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i got 1female veild chameleon , did have a male in december but died of a hemipenal prolapse and i have 2 dogs and a cat and 8 red bellied piranhas that are just insanely viscious and even when you stick your finger in there they try and go at it lol
My piranha are really timid lol, i put my hands in every day to remove the meat and fish they don't eat - even my plec bosses them lmao! I was going to buy a black diamond but they're VERY difficult to get hold of over here, most places have stopped importing them, they're also VERY expensive - i found one, 2" long cost £250 :eek:

Mel, just googled sugargliders as i wasn't sure what they were - they're GORGEOUS!!!!!

Do you know if they're available in the UK and are they easy to look after?
everyone thinks I'm crazy here because of animals so am I glad to read some of your lists :)

my list goes like:

1 gsd
1 pug
1 ragdoll cat
1 siemese cat
2 leopard tortoises
1 horsfield tortoise
2 box turtles
1 veiled chameleon
2 parkeets
2 hamsters
4 fantail doves
6"x2"freshwater tropical tank
9 children

see so I'm not so crazy after all Thanks chaps :D
I have:
4 dogs cairn terrier golden retriever lhaso ahpso shittzu Sp??
1 hamster
1 betta
1 other fish
1 leopard gecko
1 veiled chameleon
2 fire belly toads
Well that is all I have right now.
WOW!! Now I REALLY dont feel bad for having a bunch of pets. I'm glad theres more people out there who loves ALOT of different kinds of animals. My little zoo at home has gotten smaller since I gave away alot of them.

9 parakeets (Given away)
2 red ear sliders (Given Away)
About 15 hamsters at one point (Given Away) Now I have one lol.
A Jackson Chameleon
A rabbit (my mom wants to give him away :[ )
A yorkie
A chinchilla

And I'm thinking about a cat but in another year maybe once my jackson gets bigger. 2 months he is and getting bigger everyday.
Okay here's my zoo: :D

2 veiled chams

dart frogs:
3 luecs
3 cobalt tincs
6 arautus (2 green/black and 4 kahlua/cream)
1 azureus

2 milky frogs
3 white's tree frogs
1 golden tree frog
1 ball python
1 crazy black lab

and I am babysitting 1 woma python..
Oh my...

Where do I start? :eek:

Infinite number of panther chameleons (more than I can count)
Various Deremensis
Various Quadracornis (gracilor)
Peacock chameleons (C. T. weidersheimi peretti)
Veiled Chameleon
Giant Monkey Tailed Fischers (B. fischeri fischeri)
Fischer Chameleons (B. fischeri)
6 Green Tree Pythons (Biaks, Jayapuras, & Sorongs)
1 Sweet Bearded Dragon (so personable!)
6 Tortoises (one a hypomelanistic beauty named Hyperion)
Tree monitors (blues & greens)
2 dogs
And 4 horse stalls that I'd love to fill (had horses when I was young).
And many more chameleon species I'd love to add!

Now I just need a clone of me! ;) And now ask me if I sleep? *Grin*

I love each and every one of them and they put a smile on my face every single day :)
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