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How many days can chams that just hatched be in the incubator for?
I am going on a trip for 5 days starting tomorrow and am taking the 5 chams that have already hatched with me.

I am just worrired about the rest of the eggs. Should i bring the eggs with me?
Or will they be okay for 5 days in the incubator without any of my supervision if they hatch say tomorrow?

Can they be in the incubator for 5 days alone? or should i bring the eggs with me?

One more thing.....

About how many days does it take for cham babies to start eating? My hatchlings dont seem to interested in the food. Tomorrow will be the 3rd day they have been outside of their egg.


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They dont eat right away. You can have hatchlings eat anywhere from 3-6 days after they hatch. In the wild they would be digging for that amount of time to get out into the open. If you leave for 5 days you should be ok with the babies that are still in the egg when you leave.


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some have started to sweat. SO im sure they will hatch before i get back. I am just soooo paranoid about leaving them...

I think I am just going to take them lol. I feel so bad leaving them knowing they could be alone for 5 days. I have a crested gecko I am bringing with me also lol...

Sneaking all this in into the hotel will be a some magic.

Thanks for the reply. I guess ill make a split decision before I leave


The stress of traveling wil be worse i promise. Every bump you hit will stress you and the eggs. Leave them home they will be fine.
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