Today.. time to photoshoot my chams!!


Today i checked weight and health of all my chams and i'm pretty happy of them all!! I have to say that with the new chameleon room they are doing better and better :D
I hope you like them as i do!! somea random pics

T. q. quadricornis female (probably gravid again)

T. q. quadricornis pissed off male

T. q. quadricornis baby1

T. q. quadricornis baby2

T. montium male

T. montium female (she is pretty fat so i'm guessing if she is gravid or not.. and she also has a gular edema that has to be threated)

T. montium pair.. noaction this time!! ;)

T. deremensis female

Nice chams Jack! I like the T. q. gracilior. Do you breed these as well as the regular quads?
@all: thanks everybody for your appreciation!!

@Ekaj13: Now they are kept at 13°C at night and 22-23°C at day but during the year i drop down to 11°C and i had a peack of 31°C in the summer.. usually i give a day drop of 8° at least!!

@LPR08: these are T. q. quadricornis, maybe you get confused with the male's photo!! ;)
Jack I always love your chams. You can just say "female quad may be gravid again" like it is no big deal. I would go nuts for a gravid quads. But then I would love to steal both your babies too.:rolleyes::rolleyes: Lovely chams as usual.
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