Timer Recommendations Please


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Can anyone recommend a good TWO outlet timer?

I'm thinking about ditching the Zilla Power Center for a high quality power strip with a two outlet timer for lights and the seconds timer for the Mist King.

After hearing that the Coralife power centers have an unsafe tendency to catch fire I want to get rid of the Zilla branded version of the same product.

Even though everything is safe from coming in contact with water, not overloaded, and well ventilated I still want to make sure it's as safe as possible. I don't want my apartment to burn down.
Go to Home Depot and spend $15. The timers there work great. Use a normal power strip plugged into the timer. You aren't controlling much power... 100w heat lamp tops? 18w UVB lamp? That isn't very much power. Those power center issues sound like a lot of amps were being pulled and the connection wasn't good enough and it got hot... then melted. A one cage setup isn't gonna be an issue with a normal digital timer.


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never seen those digital ones there. Have to check that out. I got the power strip digitals from home depot and the cheap 24 hr pin tab push pull timers. None have failed and work as expected.

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