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i just got my new cham about a week and a half ago and i was wondering how long it took your chams to get used to handling? I don't pick her up and pet her, i just handle her to move her from her cage to where i feed her...thats all...i knows it natural to run like she is now, but will she get used to me?
First of all, I never heard about moving chams to their food. Their food comes to them. Second, some chams can be more tame than others in their own way but they don't get used to people.
the cage i have, the crickets can get out at the bottom...so i move her to a smaller cage where they cant get out.
I see, cup feeding is the answer for you then.

I use a 2.5 inch tall plastic OPAQUE cup. I cut out one of those plastic cups to right height so crix won't crawl up their edges. Trasparent cups will confuse a cham so pelase don't use them (shoothing tongue to the outside of the cup

Place the insects in the cup and place the cup in the enclosure where the cham can find. Refer to the bottom picture on this page: http://chameleonsdish.com/habitat/setup.htm
Good luck!
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