Time for an upgrade...


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Raistlin is getting a new home. I wasn’t planning on this right now but apparently his drainage system sprung a leak :oops:...

We didn’t notice until some damage has been done. Well, guess it’s time for an upgrade ;)!

I love build threads and will definitely be posting one once it is finished. Yes, again it will be made of red oak and this time will have a planted rear wall. I get to make it a bit larger this time also.

Time to head to Lowe’s for supplies!!!


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Raistlin? What species is he? I only knew about zaphod.
I’m sorry, I didn’t realize zaphod had passed; my apologies. So you’re a pardalis guy now eh? Post pics of the new enclosure when you have time.


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So, I was a little busy today, and yes I will be making another trip to Lowes :LOL:. Not sure how, but I made one wrong cut for my doors on the base cabinet and ruined a piece of wood (wrong size... too small) so I will need to get another. Most of the cabinet is built, so just a few more things and I will be sanding and staining. Although I will post the final project with dimensions and such, here is a quick update to show progress.




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