Three New Babies...

This week I've gotten three new additions to our family!

First, the dubia colony has FINALLY delivered babies! This heat wave (northern NY) has made them sprout to life. It's been a year of trying to get these guys to make some baby cham/beardie food!

Secondly, a new set of chameleons! I picked these guys up early this week and have been letting them explore and get comfortable. Finally got the chance to take pictures :)

A 6 month old male Jackson. xD

A gravid 1 year old female Jackson. :D

They don't have names yet, so if you think of something, I would LOVE help. They are both really amazing; active, drinking regularly, eating like they should, normal stool, the female even took a cricket right from my hand. Thanks HUNYANGOAKO.

I think I have "second child" syndrome because after worrying ALOT about my first, a Vield; Commah, i'm much more calm with these too! haha.
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