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where do you find is the best place for your nozzles?
i will have a baby veiled in a 2x2x4 cage and plan to get a mistking system with 2 nozzles.
also does anyone with the mistking use the screen top wedges? just trying to get some ideas on the best setup, thanks in advance.
I don't use the wedges but I personally like having my nozzles on either of two two front corners, aiming back and downwards. It lets me reach it easily if I have to and it sprays the cage well (but tends to leave a back corner dry, which gives the chameleons a place to stay dry if they want to). If you have two I would just put both on both front corners and aim them backwards.
how do you get the tubes out of the cage that are attached to the mistking system? and i only have one atm haha thank you for your reply :)
Youll need to mount them somehow.

Screen top wedges are the easiest and likely the cleanest way to go about it.

You can make them yourself though. There are also other ways.

You can use a 1/4" drill bit to put a hole through the frame.

This allows you to push the line directly through, into the cage.

You can then use straps to attach the line to the inside of the frame.

Something of an example may be seen here:

As far as positioning goes, I point them at foliage thats been placed at the very top of the enclosure. This still blows the fine mist all over, but it will collect on the foliage, and "rain" down. For the animal to drink, most need more of a rain, than a fine mist. The fine mist is better for cooling things down, and wetting a larger surface area though.

EDIT: Youll also need to secure as much of the line running from the pump, as you possibly can. The diaphragm pump doess not put out a steady stream, but a rapid secession of bursts. This causes the line, pump, and cage to shake. If you secure the line though, its almost unnoticeable.
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