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I'm wondering how he looks to you guys? I have had him about 10 days now and have already taken him to the vet. He's got an infection and a parasite that we are treating. I found this out because I found him at the bottom of his enclosure two days ago barely moving. He wasn't able to focus well with his left eye and kept leaning to the left. His grip was fine but he couldn't balance on his branches. I took him in and they did all sorts of tests. So I have to give him an injection everyday for 7 days and two oral meds.

I didn't do enough research and didn't go through a reputable breeder... I am realizing now why we don't just buy chameleons (or any animal) from just anybody. I was going to take him straight back to where I got him from, but when I called to ask what might be wrong with him they said they didn't have a clue and probably wouldn't be able to help him. I certainly am not taking him to someone that doesn't care about him :(

The first few pics are of him after having him a few days. The last pic is when I put him in his enclosure for the first time... you can tell he wasn't too pleased.


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Welcome! You're a good owner to have just taken him to the vets right off the bat like that. Did the vet give you a good prognosis? Is he expected to recover?

To my eye, he doesn't look bad. He might be a bit underweight, but his limbs look good and he seems to be well hydrated.
He is a lucky fella that you adopted him! Sorry that you had to start off on the wrong foot, but sounds like you are on the right track and hopefully you he will be fine in no time. Welcome to the forums!!!
Congrats on your new buddy. Sorry for having through go through all the trouble due to negligence of irresponsible people:mad:. I admire that you thought about the animal instead of economical loss and that you decided to keep him instead of risking his fate. Hopefully we will get better and keep us updated on how he does. Congrats again and best of luck! Welcome to the chameleon addiction group!:p
The vet did give me a good prognosis, but he said of course no guarantees.

Spike has been very calm and not moving too much the last couple days. He will eat and drink though when I hold food and water up for him.

I feel awful when I have to give him his injections... like all the trust that I am earning when I feed him is completely gone and he hates me. I am seeing that he won't take water as willingly from me. Poor guy :( I know it is for him to get better though. I just hope it works!!

I am waiting for my repti-sun bulb and fixture to get here... I had read some things about the Zilla one and how it might not be good for them (I also had to remove the plastic since you guys say the uvb cannot go through it). I should receive it tomorrow. I hope that increases his mood a bit. We will see.

Thanks for the warm welcome!
He's a good looking guy. I commend you for taking action and taking him to the vet! he's very lucky to have you! Hopefully he makes a full recovery and gives you joy for years to come! :)
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