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(I'm getting a Vorax at the Tuscon show! :))
Pure and Syn:

Bet you didn't know that both of you are getting your vorax babies from the same place - ME! :D

I finally got some pics of the parents' enclosure, Dad and one of the babies (not the greatest pics b/c they are elusive little stinkers...) and I will send them to you via e-mail. :)


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any cham tongue shots?
Sadly no, I try not to take pictures of the chameleons anymore because I've been bitten at least twice now, and it is pretty painful.

Julie, I knew it was him, who else is selling Vorax geckos? :D

Fidget, I will get you some Leopard shots in a bit! :)


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The leos were being dumb-butts so I didn't get a chance to take a picture of all of them. Trying to get my friend's camera so I can upload the others I took on theirs.

One is shedding.

My newest addition, Ichy, he's a little sweet heart.



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4 leopard geckos, 3 crested gecko, 1 redtail boa, 7 panther chameleons and a veiled cham. Almost got a bearded dragon again.. I miss my beardie... extremely chill reptile!!


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My bearded is a little snot head!

Kinyonga, as mentioned before posting pictures of the bearded,
Just to let you know ahead of time he has a broken front paw from MBD from the shop I bought him from... so I'm aware of it already.
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