The rarest chameleon!

Chuck G

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The infamous skin chameleon!


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Daaaamn, I bet you coulda bought 2 or 3 panthers for what that tat cost! Seriously though, great design and color. One of the best naturalistic tats I've ever seen!
Hey, thanks for the compliments everyone.
That arm took 24 hours and at 100.00 an hour,well you can do the math.
The guy that did it is Dana Helmuth and is at Solid State Tattoo in Salisbury,MD he specializes in Japanese work. He has been featured in Skin and Ink magazine and has done all my work.
Wow, that's a pretty penny but definitely well spent. Incidentally, I just heard of an interesting promotion a new shop is doing here. Sit or quit. $250 and they'll keep working on you as long as you can take it(on one piece).
Thats pretty wild.
I can tell you the longest I sat was 4.5 hours and that was tough to do.
You are definately ready to get out of the chair.
my brother has a bunch of tats, and one full sleeve of Japanese work. he made me go with him and sit for 6 hours! i was dead just sitting for that long!lol
but some wonderful tats you got there!


Looks to me like that arm has been to the Gym a couple times.
What supplements do you dust your food with?

Just kidding around:rolleyes:
Seriously beautiful tats!

I own a gym so I guess it comes with the territory.
The great thing is I have my chameleon business in the gym as well.
I never get to go home!
That's Fantastic (except for the never getting to go home part)!
I don't own a gym and your arm looks like my leg.
Would love to know more about your cham business....
see pics...etc.
I love seeing other people's operations.


Edit: Just checked out your website. Beautiful animals!

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You can check it out at
It is not finished but should be in 2 weeks.
You can check out the gallery to see some of my chameleons.
Talk to you later
Beautiful work Chuck! Looks like you beat me to it... was thinking of something similar for my first sleeve. But, before I get a cham tattoo, I gotta pick up some real chams from you ;) Later bud.

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